New Single Family Residence
Saint Paul, Minnesota

From the beginning, they called it their dream home though the economy was undergoing massive change, their budget and neighborhood was modest, and their family was dynamic. With the methods of financing completely overhauled, nationwide, we started the design with the lender. This dictated the cost, size, and amenities. The house was then conceived as a loose and adaptable program that honored the site and the client while maintaining its appraisable value. From there, the building was constrained to the most affordable geometries and materials possible, using rich materials sparingly, but in places of significance. The result is a sort of redefinition of the American dream home within our current social, ecological and economic context; a visually still, carefully organized, space and material efficient home with judiciously placed rich accents built in an urban context for a dynamic modern family.


Project Architect:
John Gavin Dwyer

Interior Design:
Jackie Millea

completed while a partner at shelter architecture